Laxmi Education & Training Society

SIGN LANGUAGE has no words,but still it has the enough power to convey the messages deaf and divyang people's. Toh give your self a change,to be with us,and gives a strong meaning to our society, , *तो हमारे LETS परिवार के साथ जुड़कर बेजुबानों की आवाज़ को और मज़बूत बनाइये और बाकि समाज को भी प्रोत्साहन करिये, एवम् स्वयं को गौरवान्वित।*

Indian Sing Languge- A precious gift of god give to human beings expresses themselves by communicating with each other. Anormal human being expresses himself by speking out reacting to a situation, while a deaf or hard or hearing person who is unable to speak, faces many problems while communivating with others, to help them sing language comes into existance, Indian sing language is a visualgesture used by deaf and hard of hearing people as their mode of communication