Laxmi Education And Training Society

Sonali Shrivastava has obtained degree and also had diploma in indian sign language .Sonali's younger brother is deaf by birth , Sonali found that not only deaf people are facing many problems like ,unable to communicate with other people , getting totally dependant on their parents , discarded and getting ignored by other community , home alone , illiterate , but also other divyang people too .
So she decided to help in growing up not only her brother but also as many divyang people she can.
After 12th she has done diploma in indian sign language , digree in , started working for them as sign language interpreter ,participated in many programs and events conducted by ISLRTC to improve life style of divyang people and also has done many certification .
Sonali realised by opening this non profitable institute , She can help and support divyang people in getting education , growing up and improving their hidden skills also in getting job too.