Laxmi Education And Training Society


Not only educated them we try to make them self dependant by giving them vocational training,
Everyone has a different ability than the other standing next, it's the community which has the collective responsibility to make sure everyone is enabled with the right environment and ecosystem to grow .
It is not only beneficial for divyang students but OTHER students also get to learn many things from specially-abled students.
Time to time LETS participate & organis so many exhibition, program to improve theie skills and how to interaction with others people in community.


Education is the fundamental building block of development. it leads to an improved quality of life, employment, social acceptance and inclusion, national development and intellectual growth.
Because in survey we find the education system is not accessible for them,we will continue working on it, with various government or private sector with the help of LETS team continue working on it.
We provides many ways to educate divyang people .By running multiple campaigns for them we also worrying for each.
LETS believe in education equity too , we provide free education to divyang and other hearing people in community to improve their skills in many field , ie:- Painting , Drawing , Home decorative items, art and craft.